Creative Curriculum which is based on Theory and Research, Partnering of Families, How Children Develop and Learn, The Learning Enivironment, What Children Learn, and Caring and Teaching.

The physical environment is divided into the following interest areas:

Table Toys / Games

Block Play


Music and Movement

Dramatic Play

Computers and Technology

Sand and Water




Content Areas:



Social Studies


Classroom Structure:

Daily Schedules and Routines

Small and Large Group Time

Choice Time


Teacher-Child Interaction:

Building Relationships

Guiding Children’s Behavior

Guiding Children’s Learning


                                    BROAD OBJECTIVES:


St. Timothy’s Child Development Center is concerned with the positive development of children.


The program will:

    • provide effective classroom and outdoor experiences fostering the growth and development of the child;

    • provide opportunities for exploration and problem solving;
    • allow for adequate opportunites for children to express themselves freely through different medias;
    • maintain conditions appropriate for each individual’s growth and development;
    • provide many opportunities for social growth and development;
    • provide development from the immediate environment of the children; and
                  utilize the experiences of the children.

In general, the program will provide, under trained supervision, a happy, healthful atmosphere in which to stimulate the child’s intellectual, social and physical growth, through rich and varied experiences